Planning a Birthday Party or 2 or 3

Have you ever planned a kid’s birthday party? Or 2? Or 3… at the same time? So this week is my kids’ 10th birthday party. Yeah, notice that apostrophe after “kids”. It’s intentional. There are three of them. Triplets… by design. Not my design mind you… Certainly not my husband’s. Anyway…they’d each like to have their own separate birthday party. Why not? How hard can that be? I’m sure David Tutera could pull it off between commercials. Maybe the three parties can be tied together with a theme: “Authenticity”. I’ll schedule the parties just like the kids were born: All within three minutes.

kids-at-arcade-150x150 thumbnailkids in pool thumbnailplayground-climbing

At 8:51 am, we can go to the popular arcade place for my son’s party with his friends, their parents, and whomever else they decided to bring uninvited. At 8:52, we can go to the swimming club for daughter #1 and her entourage. (I’m sure she’ll be fine being labeled “daughter #1 when I tell her that it will psychologically scar her sister for life.) Then at 8:54, we can go to the climby, jumpy place for daughter #2’s party with her own cast of characters. Then, because if they can’t agree on a party place, you don’t really expect them to agree on a food place, do you?…


From End of School to Back to School At 9:00 am, we’ll have an early lunch for my son at Taco Bell, hot dogs for daughter #1, and McNuggets for daughter #2.  Then, an hour and $6,000 later (it would be more but I have a Taco Bell coupon), we can say goodbye to all fifty-two party attendees and retire to the peace of our living room where the three lovely siblings can savagely rip open their gifts on the floor and proclaim:


  1. I already have this. Can we take it back?
  2. Why did she get one in blue? Blue’s my favorite color.
  3. Oh no! I broke it when I pulled the paper off!
  4. I don’t care that I got 22 presents. I didn’t get anything good.
  5. I already opened all of mine and they have one more left. Now I have nothing to open.
  6. Mommy, could you put this together now? Mommy?…Daddy?
  7. Hey! He took my blue one. The blue one was mine!
  8. I’m so bored. Can I go on my tablet?
  9. This was the worst birthday ever.
  10. Oh, my show’s on. I promise I’ll clean up the wrapping paper in the morning.

(By the way: They may complain about their presents, but they’re truly happy with anything that can be used to beat the other two with.)

An alternative party plan: This one is inspired. It’s more than inspired. It’s genius. We can throw everyone into the backyard… with a sprinkler and pizza delivery.

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11 thoughts on “Planning a Birthday Party or 2 or 3

  1. Oh dear… My sister and I were 2 years apart but my birthday was her due date (she had the consideration to be 2 weeks late). So, we had parties very, VERY close together but rarely shared. It was May and she often “stole” my party idea…I’ll never forgive the year my luau had weather in the 40s (early May) so we wore our Hawaiian shirts over puffy coats, and hers, two weeks later, was all bathing suits and sprinklers. I can’t imagine sharing 3 birthdays together, or trying to do 3 separate ones around the same time. I hope the pizza-and-sprinkler plan works!

  2. I have a headache envisioning this situation as the Beats are only turning 3 yrs old and we’re purposefully keeping it low key this year. But wow. I think I would start drinking at 7:30 am.

    May the sprinkler and pizza delivery make for a wonderful day. And you are my hero.

    1. 3 is a good age for birthday parties … They’re young enough to still have fun without caring if you do it on the cheap and probably won’t remember much of it in 6 months from now. xo

  3. Fortunately, my three have different birthdays – one in June, one in November and one in December. It’s the December birthday that is a problem because it is three days before Christmas, so no one wants to come to a party and often times her presents double as birthday gifts. Still, I try! Last year we did an Elsa/Frozen roller skating party. This year she is talking about a unicorn piñata…..

  4. That just made me tired to think about. We’ve been lucky that the twins have always wanted to do their party together. And no party at all for the last year or two!

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