I’m Just in it for the Field Trips

Call me selfish, but school to me is all about the field trips. More precisely: It’s all about me going on field trips.

I tell people I go on my kids’ field trips, because my mother never did and I want my kids to be able to remember those experiences. That’s only a half-truth. Yes, my mother rarely went on field trips and I wish she’d gone on more. But the whole truth is that when my kids come home with a flyer about one, I wave it in the air and say: “Oh boy oh boy a field trip!” every single time. The other truth is: My kids would rather I not go. In fact, my daughter’s exact words before the last one were: “Do you have to come to every single one?”

field trip in museum

Then, in case her sister hadn’t gotten through my thick skull, the other daughter felt it necessary to reinforce the message:

“Really Mommy. Other kids’ mothers never come but you’re always there… always... ”

Other parents have begun to recognize the pattern. When we were at Meet-the-Teachers the other day, as the group of fifth grade teachers finished addressing all the parents and asked if  there were any questions, all eyes turned to me I assume, for the same “field trip question”, I’d asked at every Meet-the-Teachers to date. I didn’t disappoint:

“Hi, I’m Lori Shandle-Fox. I’m (pick a triplet’s name) mother: Where are the field trips to this year?” (I never yell out: “Mother of the Fox Triplets.” I don’t want everyone to get distracted by the whole “triplet” thing and ignore my vital field trip question.)

From End of School to Back to School

In third grade, much to my dismay, the teacher answered:

“We haven’t found any field trips that blended well with our curriculum so there haven’t been any.” I smiled and said:

“Oh okay. Thanks.”

It might have been disruptive to the meeting had I blurted out:

“This grade is gonna suck!” while sniffling back tears.

By the way… Meet-the-Teachers? That’s all about me too. Not only are my kids meeting their teachers, but they’re also finding out which kids are in their classes… In other words: I’m finding out if my girlfriends have kids in their classes. In other words: I’m finding out which of my buddies I might convince to come along and do the buddy system with me on the field trips.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Just in it for the Field Trips

  1. I’ve started attending some of the field-trips. First to be there to be involved but also because some of those trips are just really a lot of fun.

    And now I have a role model. 😉

    1. Selfish I know but I like most of the trips, I get to see the kids that my kids have been talking about so I can match up the names with the faces, and if I’m lucky one of the mothers I’m friends with comes too and we get to hang out.

  2. Field trips were one of the few things I was bummed about when we decided to homeschool back in ’01. Turns out I wasn’t alone, and we got together a group to do a bunch of them. May the Fourth (grade) be (full of field trips) with you!

  3. My son’s school requires parents to pay for and complete a background check and then can you enter a lottery for a CHANCE to be chosen as a chaperone for field trips.
    If they’d let me, I’d go on all the field trips, too.

  4. Fascinating. My mom was always a room mother and always super involved but we never did field trips- either of us. I always stayed home on field trip day. The only one I went to was pumpkin patch in Kindergarden. After that it was a stay home day for both of us. I loved it- it was more time with my favorite person, mom!

  5. Laughing because (1) I attend every field trip, too, and (2) I just told the kids last night that I was planning on volunteering for a retreat they’re going on even though they don’t want volunteers. I like to tell them, “How can I bother you if you’re far away from me doing fun things?”

    1. There was one field trip where my daughter said: “That sounds so boring.” And I said: “Well, I’m going. If you don’t want to go, that’s your business.” There also was a trip like you mentioned– to the symphony where they said they didn’t need volunteers and I said to my husband: “Oh no, I’m GOING to the symphony!” and of course I did.

  6. I’m curious. Do parents have to pay for the field trips? Do you fundraise to go on these? I walked my son’s class over to the community centre to go skating. I stood in a long line to get skates, then laced up my son’s skates and another kid’s skates and then finally my own. And then he proceeded to ignore me the entire time. I’d like to go on one that involved an actual bus.

    1. Back in kindergarten, I seem to remember being told that parents would have to pay to get into this kids’ “museum” but we didn’t end up having to. Other than that time, “no”. I think it’s ridiculous that parents volunteer to help chaperone & then would be asked to pay. We are not allowed on the buses ever. We have to drive ourselves. We have to pay for the bus even if we drive them with us. (they’d rather be on the bus with their classes anyway) and parents aren’t allowed to take the kids home from the field trip. You’d have to go all the way back to the school and then sign them out. (It would be a nuisance but I kind of understand for security/ insurance reasons.)

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