At My Kids’ School, I Need a Teacher Scorecard

For my kids’ school, I need a teacher scorecard. It’s not to score the teachers. It’s to keep track of them. Every year, a week before school starts, we used to get a phone call from each of my kids’ teachers introducing themselves. No more. Now we just head over four days before the first day of school and look for “the list”. Or in our case, having three kids in one school… one grade in fact… : “The lists”. Which kid has which friends in their class? Which kid has which enemies in their class? And most important: Which kid has which teacher… and for how long? Hence the need for the teacher scorecard.

baseball scorecard3

Let me say that I think all of my kids have had very good teachers so far (with the exception of one who was a newbie and in over her head.) But something’s just not right about this school. It’s their last year there so we’ll ride it out… I guess… Is it just me? You be the judge. Continue reading

I’m Just in it for the Field Trips

Call me selfish, but school to me is all about the field trips. More precisely: It’s all about me going on field trips.

I tell people I go on my kids’ field trips, because my mother never did and I want my kids to be able to remember those experiences. That’s only a half-truth. Yes, my mother rarely went on field trips and I wish she’d gone on more. But the whole truth is that when my kids come home with a flyer about one, I wave it in the air and say: “Oh boy oh boy a field trip!” every single time. The other truth is: My kids would rather I not go. In fact, my daughter’s exact words before the last one were: “Do you have to come to every single one?”

field trip in museum

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