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When you’ve been trying to get pregnant, people can relate to that. Maybe they themselves tried for a month or two and it wasn’t until month four when they finally conceived. Or maybe they got pregnant the first weekend they tried but their sister or best friend wanted to get pregnant as soon as she was married but “struggled” for six months. So whether directly or indirectly, people have lived through that. But then when you move into the neighborhood of: “I’ve been trying for a year or five years or ten years and I’ve been to a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and I’ve had a test to see if my tubes are open and I might have endometriosis or PCOS…” Once you start to get into the mechanics of your innards- what strangers in labs are probing and things that cause you to miss work… most people mentally drift off. Even the ones who are interested and supportive, most of them don’t really understand what you’re talking about. If you’ve ever wanted to tell them what a day in your life as someone trying to get pregnant is really like but you are just too emotionally drained or too private a person to go into it… Well, I have a new essay in Pregnantish Magazine at the link below that might help. In fact, it’s called: “What IVF is Really Like: A Day in the Life”. See if any of it rings a bell.

What IVF Is Really Like: A Day in the Life

And one last thing…

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3 thoughts on “What It’s Really Like…

  1. This article is awesome!!! And so is your introduction to it given that I can definitely relate to those who attempted to sympathize with my situation by pointing out they had also been trying for 2 months prior to finding themselves pregnant.

  2. ~sigh~ yeah…people see that I have children, so they think that I get pregnant (or stay pregnant) easily. They don’t get that there was a whole team of people that got me, and helped me stay, that way.

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